Virtual Artists

What is a Virtual Artist?

MIM defines a virtual artist as a non-physical artist that mainly lives in the metaverse. A virtual artist can be a recording artist, actor, part of a band, an influencer or a meme. It can also inhabit multiple roles at once.

Some familiar examples of virtual artists or bands are Hatsune Miku, Gorillaz, Lil Miquela, K/DA and True Damage. With the coming metaverse, the role of a virtual artist can take many forms and crypto serves a yet-to-be defined role here.

‍The Metaverse

We see many avenues for our virtual artists to exist. They can become game avatars, vtubers, music producers, music artists, actors and more. The metaverse makes this possible through its expansion to game engines, VR and AR. Collaborations between physical and virtual artists will also be explored. ‍

‍Virtual artists in MIM

MIM opens up for collaborating and getting rewarded for your contribution to virtual artists. We will form teams with members from MIM that will build out different virtual artists and virtual bands. For a virtual artist to become reality you need visuals (cg, graphics, motion graphics), social media presence and in most cases, music. We are looking for members that will have those skills and are interested in developing a virtual artist or band. For a virtual artist to succeed it also needs a fan base. We see the MIM swarm as a key to each virtual artist's success. The MIM swarm will build the virtual artists but can also help promote and support the artists from the swarm. There’s multiple roles to serve and you can be rewarded with the MIM token for your different roles (you can have several roles at once). ‍

‍The future of MIM

MIM can expand in many directions when the metaverse becomes more built out. We also hope to see local virtual artists in local languages being built. A virtual artist can also exist in multiple languages. The defining role of MIM will be decided by the swarm. Join MIM Swarm Discord or Telegram and start develop a virtual artist.

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