What is a swarm?

What is a swarm?

A swarm in our terms is a loosely formed group of nyms or pseudonyms acting together for a common goal. Our swarm will focus on the metaverse, a digital space where you have NFT’s, virtual reality, social media and augmented reality. We see our swarm as an attempt to build a new structure for releasing music and a new way of experiencing music and artists. By creating a swarm that manages virtual artists, sample packs and producer teams we are capturing the value of the whole swarm through our token MIM. While classic record labels and companies capture their value through stockholders, those stockholders often have little creative value to contribute. We believe that creators should have a large share of the profit of their work and consequently prefer the use a swarm structure in which many members are benefitted.


MIM has adapted parts of Rick Falkvinges' "Swarmwise" and merged it with a solution that will start out more as a managed structure and eventually merge and become 100% community owned. This is to assure that the project will not be hijacked through voting or large holders of MIM.

Our initial starting point will be to form the first team to create a virtual artist. In a swarm one entity can have multiple roles: for example, the creator of one artist can be the fan of another artist, a moderator of a group and also a team leader in another group. One can morph between roles and find out where they are most useful. We do not believe in a static hierarchy but in a more meritocratic model where those that are active with valuable contributions thrive.

In a swarm one can be anonymous. If you have other commitments next to contributing to our swarm, you might prefer to stay anonymous. We take privacy seriously and build our model around nyms. A nym is a form of pseudonym that can be connected to a financial address. Much like Satoshi Nakamoto.

In our MIM swarm you will be rewarded with the MIM token for your contributions. Contributions can be anything from developing a virtual artist, to creating memes. If you and some fellow nym’s decide to create a virtual artist together, MIM might publish the work of this virtual artist and you will receive MIM as compensation next to royalties and other forms of profit from the virtual artist. The token will have many usages and inside the swarm it can also be spent on NFT’s, services and access to content.


In the beginning our swarm will not be a DAO but we will explore different voting systems and see how they affect our end goals. A DAO does not necessarily lead to the best result because you create winners and losers through voting. We believe DAO’s can mature and eventually become something MIM can adopt. We do believe in the swarm actively participating in decisions and in the creation of virtual artists but there’s many ways to explore that.

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