Who is running MIM?

MIM is run by several individuals and will eventually become a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO).

What is MIM?

MIM is a creator swarm on the Solana Blockchain. It creates virtual artists, music releases, NFT's and other creations based on community efforts.

How can I join MIM?

You can join MIM on Discord, Reddit and Telegram. You can follow MIM on Instagram and Twitter.

What is the MIM token?

The MIM token is a reward token for the MIM swarm that also functions as a medium of exchange for MIM's creations.

Was there a presale or ICO?

The MIM token was launched using a "fair launch" model on Serum decentralized exchange. A "fair launch" means you just set up liquidity for your token on an DEX so everyone can buy at an affordable price without any presale or venture capital.

What can you do with the MIM token?

You can use the MIM token to purchase MIM products, reward fellow creators or purchase services from other MIM creators.

Is MIM listed on any exchanges?

MIM is listed on Serum Dex. You can find the listing here.

Where can I find more information about the price of MIM?

You can find more information about the price of MIM here.

Is MIM environmental friendly?

MIM runs on the Solana blockchain which is around 99% more energy efficient than Ethereum 1.0 and Bitcoin. This makes MIM more environmentally friendly than most crypto currencies.

What is a swarm?

A swarm is a group of humans and machines interacting with each other and forming a swarm that can have different purposes. In our case the purpose is a creative one. A swarm does not need to exist of the same members at the same time and the members have the freedom to be anonymous.


How can I get rewards from MIM?

You can receive a donation from MIM by contributing to the swarm. By joining our Discord there's several ways of contributing. You can become a creator of a virtual artist, release your music through MIM, make memes for MIM artists or spread the word on Twitter about MIM. All of these different methods will give you the chance to receive a donation.

What can I use my rewards for?

You can use your rewards to purchase MIM related products such as sample packs, NFT's etc. Additionally, your MIM rewards can be used to buy services in the marketplace and to send MIM to other artists and community members.

Are the rewards a form of salary?

The rewards are a form of a donation. It is not a salary and cannot be counted for as a regular income source. You are not hired by MIM to perform tasks.

Can I rely on a regular income from MIM?

You should not rely on MIM as a regular income. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and therefore unfit to provide any form of regular income source.

Is the rewards an investment contract?

The rewards are donations and do not promise any form of value. There is no agreement between the donor and receiver.

How do I tax from my rewards?

Cryptocurrency has complex and changing tax requirements and is usually distinct based on your country of residence. As such, MIM will not offer tax advice as it is often down to the case of the individual. Please research into your regional tax specifications on how to proceed.

Can I sell my rewards?

You are free to do what you like with your rewards. Unless it is specified, there is no contract or agreement between MIM and the holders of the rewards.

Why did I not receive any reward for my contributions?

MIM donates to the best contributors of the swarm, based on selection. There is an annual unlock of contributor funds that will be distributed on as many good contributors as possible. If you do not receive any donations from MIM for your contributions you will also have the chance to receive donations from fellow MIM members.

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