MIM will also release music, art, NFT's from human artists. These artists can be established artists or up and coming artists. They will receive a MIM token donation based on their releases and also receive royalties and revenue from streaming, merch and with other more traditional means.

Is MIM a record label?

MIM is not primarily a record label in a traditional sense, but one of its many aims is to release music.

How do you deal with royalties?

Royalties from streaming, licensing etc will be distributed per project. This will be an individual agreement between MIM and the individual artist based on what is planned to be released. Since the metaverse is fairly new there's no well established practice on how to deal with royalties yet. The main purpose of royalties is that the whole MIM swarm will also benefit from these royalties because the whole swarm contributed to its success.

How can I support a MIM artist?

You can join MIM on Discord, Reddit and Telegram and you can start help your favourite artist. You can follow MIM on Instagram and Twitter and help promoting the artist through tweets, artworks and memes.

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