Sample Pack FAQ

What is a sample pack?

A sample pack is a package of sounds for producers to use in their music/sound production. It takes on different forms per genre but is typically made up of one-shots, melodic loops, percussive/drum loops, sfx, designed sounds or presets for synth or fx plugins.

How do sample pack producers profit from sample packs?

Selected contributions by producers will receive a donation of MIM tokens.

Can I make my own sample pack?

You can make your own sample pack and submit it to MIM. If it has not been published before and exists of 100% original material and meets the quality that MIM is looking for MIM can release the pack and give you a share of the revenue and a MIM token donation from the contributor funds.

Which genres exists for sample packs?

We will start out with hip hop and pop sample packs but will continually expand to other genres.

How can I buy the sample packs?

You can buy the sample packs through purchasing an NFT related to the pack. That gives you right the use the material according to its license. We will also set up a fiat based sample pack online shop.

What is the licensing agreement for a sample pack?

We will release the licensing agreement per sample pack. This is done so that each individual sample pack will have the right license.

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