Sample Packs

MIM aims to provide our community with the tools to initiate the creative process and nurture activity within our ecosystem. To build out a complete metaverse of virtual artists we need to facilitate producers, artists and creators to learn, develop their skills and meet likeminded swarmers.

Sample packs

MIM is working with several producers to offer MIM sample packs in our upcoming member area. With our sample packs we want to provide the highest quality, original samples, easily useable by all levels of producer. We aim to cover many genres with a focus on commercial leaning music such as pop and hip-hop.

If you get selected to release a sample pack with MIM you will still hold all the rights to your samples under our custom license agreement. This means that it’s royalty free for small productions and small artists but you will receive all the royalties on placements on major labels and major artists.

The Sample pack submission criteria

  1. All content MUST be 100% original and made by the creator. We reserve the right to legal action should we find plagiarised content in the application. Please do not submit samples that are currently on sale via other platforms or that have been used in other commercial use packs.

  2. Format — please submit all files in WAV and keep your file-naming consistent. Please use a logical and understandable descriptive system (eg. “piano_loop_Amin_140bpm”)

  3. Content is inclusive, inoffensive and culturally appropriate.

  4. Content should aim to be — inspirational, engaging and adding value to other producers.

  5. The winning submission will require the producer to agree to assign the loops as ‘royalty free’, for use by the community and wider public

(For a definition of ‘content’, please read — audio samples, loops, presets and midi)

Rules for sample pack submission

There are no strict requirements on what constitutes a sample pack but we are aiming to receive around 20 loops, melodic or percussive. If you are creating one-shot sounds (drums, percussion or fx) as a component please aim for towards 50 sounds.

Please fill out this form for participation.

As we start to launch our new sample pack series we would like to invite music producers to participate.

MIM Swarm is open for any new producer or artist that wants to contribute. We have therefore an open submission policy and you can submit your work and we will listen to it and see if it meets our quality standards.

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