Token FAQ

What is the MIM token?

The MIM token is a reward token for the MIM swarm that also functions as a medium of exchange for MIM's creations.

Was there a presale or ICO?

The MIM token was launched using a "fair launch" model on Serum decentralized exchange. A "fair launch" means you just set up liquidity for your token on an DEX so everyone can buy at an affordable price without any presale or venture capital.

What can you do with the MIM token?

You can use the MIM token to purchase MIM products, reward fellow creators or purchase services from other MIM creators.

Where can I find more information about the price of MIM?

You can find more information about the price of MIM here.

Is MIM environmental friendly?

MIM runs on the Solana blockchain which is around 99% more energy efficient than Ethereum 1.0 and Bitcoin. This makes MIM more environmentally friendly than most crypto currencies.

Where can I buy the MIM token?

You can purchase MIM on the Raydium DEX on the Solana Blockchain.

You can find USDT/MIM here.


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