MIM is a metaverse swarm for building virtual artists, launching NFTs, releasing music and sample packs.

MIM, built on the Solana blockchain, is a community of music producers, recording artists, visual artists, video makers and designers collectively producing content engaging with the metaverse. Primarily realised in the form of virtual artists, sample packs/producer tools, releases, clothing and NFTS, the community forms a larger swarm where tasks are undertaken in clusters to evolve beyond the traditional means of cultural production.

MIM token and community

Centred around our MIM token and Discord, the focus is to dissolve the currently alienating limitations of music-making and build a collaborative creative environment where all ideas are valid and taken into consideration. The MIM token is at the centre of this, a medium of exchange whose utility will enable activity and engagement to be rewarded.

Virtual Artists

As we begin to realise the first community driven virtual artists, our intention is that their presence reaches beyond crypto and the blockchain and engaging and disrupting the wider cultural sphere.

Sample packs, producer tools and education

Whilst the virtual artists face outwards, the foundation of our community is built upon advancing the skills, ambition and creative potential of all swarmers. This will concern the many facets of any artistic production - be it technical skills, critical and contextual relevance and awareness, ability to communicate ones ideas fluidly, and piecing together content that may traverse many mediums. Sample packs and producer tools will provide regular content to spark ideas and keep the creative process in motion.


MIM Swarm


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