Member area

Our member area is meant to give our members and supporters access to unique content. This content will start with being sample packs for music producers and expand to pre-sale access of merchandise, tutorials and more.

NFT sample pack release

We have several sample pack releases getting ready for our members. These packs will be available through our membership area and you can access them by holding MIM or MIM NFTs.

First Virtual Character

Launching our first virtual character. We will be launching our first virtual character which is meant to be community owned and developed. The character is currently in production by cg-artist and we will more details as we get closer to a release. The character will first be launched as an NFT.Q4


We are currently working on getting our merchandise ready for sale. This will be high quality merchandise for MIM and will also be an NFT. The merchandise will be released in a custom store in drops from 50–300 pieces.

Website redesign

We will launch a new website that featuring contributions from the community.

Building the creator team for the first virtual artist

Selection process of the creator team for our first virtual artist has started. This will be our second character and first artist. A team will build up this artist and we aim to launch the beginning of this artist by the ned o this year. You will find instructions in the Discord on how to apply to become a part of this team.



Community Governance

One of MIM's goals is to become a decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) with as many individuals as possible involved in governance of the swarm. Full decentralization is complex to achieve and we will therefore research the best possible way to establish community governance.Q1

Roadmap update

An updated Roadmap will be released for the rest of 2022.Q2-Q3

Launch of new virtual artists

One of MIM's goals is to build several virtual artists for its roster. We aim to introduce several new virtual artists in 2022.

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