MIM Swarmers

MIM’s first NFTs is a series of AI generated avatars for its community. We call them MIM Swarmers. They are cute, artificial, cuddly, ugly and beautiful.

MIM Swarmers consists of 888 unique avatars algorithmically generated with artificial intelligence. They will represent members of the MIM swarm and its supporters. 700 NFT’s will be minted on the Solana blockchain and a minting date will be announced in MIM’s official channels. 188 of the MIM Swarmers will be saved for giveaways and as rewards to community contributors. A custom website connected to the NFT sale will be released.

MIM Swarmers will be released as an SPL NFT on the Solana Blockchain.


The proceeds from the sale will be used for MIM Swarm and benefit our community. You will also access exclusive MIM content in the nearby future holding a MIM Swarmer.

Trait Rarity

Each Swarmer is rated by a classification system from A till C. The grade of your Swarmer is a subjective rating and does not fully represent the worth it of it.

Secondary royalty sale

There's a 5% fee per Swarmer for secondary sale. The funds will go back to the MIM Swarm.

NFT treasury

188 of the Swarmers will be used for giveaways and for our NFT treasury. This treasury will be kept for active community members and giveaways. If you contribute to MIM in any form you might receive a MIM Swarmer.

Do I own the Swarmer after purchase?

Yes, you will own the rights to the Swarmer and you are free to do what you want with it.

Will it be available on secondary market?

Yes, you can get your MIM Swarmer on DigitalEyes or Magic Eden

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