Virtual Artist FAQ

What is an virtual artist?

A virtual artist is a non-physical artist. That means it does not exist physically but exists mainly in the virtual space (metaverse). One of the earliest examples of a virtual artist is Hatsune Miku. A virtual artist does not have to be a musician, it can be an influencer, video artist or a meme. Defining new forms of virtual artists will be one of many goals for the MIM swarm.

What do you need to contribute to a virtual artist?

There are many different roles needed to create a virtual artist. A virtual artist requires music, visuals, styling and marketing. For example, if you are good at making memes that can also be a useful skill for a virtual artist creator.

How can I join a team creating a virtual artist?

You can join MIM on Discord, Reddit and Telegram. You can follow MIM on Instagram and Twitter.

How do I get rewarded from creating a virtual artist?

MIM will donate MIM tokens based on the quality and category of your contributions. You are not be guaranteed a reward for all your contributions related to a virtual artist, since contributions will require their own selection process. The donations will come from the contributor fund that is issued on an annual basis.

How will you distribute the profits from a virtual artist?

The profits from a virtual artist will be divided to benefit the swarm and each individual creator. This means that all profit from a virtual artist (NFT's, merch etc) will be divided per project. You will also receive a MIM token donation for your contribution. This donation will come from the contributor funds.

Can I form my own team and create a virtual artist?

You can form your own team and create a virtual artist. If MIM appreciates your virtual artist, it is possible that you can release something from the virtual artist on MIM. Virtual artist team formation can happen in our Discord.

How can I support a virtual artist?

There's many ways of supporting a virtual artist. You can buy its products (NFTs, music, merch etc), make memes, spread the word about the artist or contribute to the creation of the actual virtual artist.

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